Dog Apparel

Embark on a journey of style and affection with Dapper Tail Wag Shop, where every stitch tells the story of the bond you share with your furry best friend. Our custom-embroidered apparel for pet lovers transforms everyday wear into a canvas celebrating your cherished companion.


1. Tell Us What You Want

Pick the product, color, size, and upload a photo of your cute pup.

2. Design & Feedback

We will design the embroidery digitally, and send you a picture of the it. If you don’t like it, we will ask for feedback, and repeat the cycle until you are happy.

3. Embroidery & Shipping

Once we are given the go-ahead with the design, we will embroider the shirt based on your preferences of style, size, and color and get it shipped.

Our Signature Product

Folded Shirt

Embroidered Dog Sweatshirt

Discover our signature embroidered dog sweatshirt, a tapestry of devotion weaving your pup’s portrait into every fiber, crafting not just apparel, but a warm embrace of your bond that’s as stylish as it is heartfelt.



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Our Custom Embroidered Products

From the cozy embrace of a sweatshirt to the casual flair of a hat, our collection offers the perfect blend of comfort and style. Their embroidered likeness, positioned proudly for all to see, creates a wearable that shows the importance of your pet in your life.

Who We Are

At Dapper Tail Wag Shop, every stitch celebrates the connection between dogs and their humans. Our founder’s love for dogs and inspiration from artistic friends gave him the idea of taking everyday apparel and transforming it into a canvas for pups.

He felt that it would be cool to create functional fashion that not only looks great but also depicts the joyful bond between dogs and their owners. Initially crafting these shirts for friends, he thought “hey, might as well take it to the internet and see what happens”, which led to Dapper Tail Wag Shop.

Immerse yourself in a world where style meets the wagging tails of our beloved companions. Connect with us on Instagram @dappertailwagshop and share your Dapper moments. For inquiries and tail-wagging chats, we’re just an email away at dappertailwagshop@outlook.com.

Embrace your love for your pet with every wear.

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