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Show off your pup’s personality even in the chilliest weather with our Custom Embroidered Dog Beanie! Expertly knitted for comfort and custom-embroidered with your dog’s likeness, this beanie keeps you cozy while keeping your four-legged friend close.

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Elevate your cold-weather gear with a touch of canine affection with our Custom Embroidered Dog Beanie. This snug and stylish headwear is not just a testament to your love for your pup, but also a unique statement piece that’s as one-of-a-kind as your furry friend.

Make sure to read everything before ordering especially the sections about how to order and the sizing guide.

Product Features:

  • Superior Comfort: Our beanie is knitted from a soft and stretchy acrylic material, delivering warmth without the itch. Designed for all-day wear, it’s the perfect accessory for those frosty morning walks or simply for a laid-back day out.
  • Distinctive Embroidery: At the forefront is the exquisitely detailed embroidery of your beloved dog. Using a photo you provide, our expert artists capture the spirit and individuality of your pet in every thread, creating a miniature work of art for you to wear proudly.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Using advanced embroidery techniques, our artisans craft a lifelike rendition of your dog with vibrant, resilient threads that stand up to the elements, ensuring your beanie remains a staple in your winter attire for seasons to come.
  • Personalized for You: Customization is key – each beanie is tailored to the image of your dog, resulting in an accessory as unique as your bond. The beanie becomes not just a product, but a personalized memento of your pet.
  • Versatile Fashion: Whether you’re a beanie aficionado or simply seeking extra warmth, this beanie’s classic design and customizable feature make it effortlessly fashionable and versatile for both men and women.

Please Note: Customized items like our embroidered beanies are unique to you and your pet, and for this reason, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. Ensure your submitted photo is clear and well-lit to capture your pet’s likeness accurately.

How To Order:

  1. Choosing Your Dog’s Picture:
    • Navigate to the ‘Select Image’ option above to upload your preferred pooch picture.
    • Aim for a snapshot where your dog’s features are well-defined by generous lighting.
    • Submit just one photo—should we encounter a gallery, we’ll strategically select the prime candidate for the embroidery blueprint.
  2. Opt for Personalization with a Name:
    • If you desire your best buddy’s name stitched alongside their illustration, type it into the name field.
    • Fancy a pure visual tribute? Leave the name field empty, and we’ll craft an image-only embroidery.
  3. Embroidery Draft Confirmation:
    • Within three brisk business days, expect an embroidery draft to land in your email, serving up a first glance at the artistic translation of your dog’s likeness.
    • We pledge to fine-tune this design to your heart’s content; we’re not satisfied until every customer is beaming with joy.
    • Upon receiving your joyful nod of approval, your beanie’s embroidery journey will commence.
  4. Beanie Embroidery to Shipping:
    • The path from approving your tailored design to wrapping your beanie around your ears should take no more than ten business days.

Care Instructions: For lasting quality, hand-wash your beanie in cold water and lay it flat to dry. Avoid using bleach and do not iron the embroidered area.

Top off your outfit with our Custom Embroidered Dog Beanie and let your favorite four-legged companion make every adventure more delightful. It’s more than just headwear; it’s a heartwarming connection to your pet that you can wear with pride. Get your custom beanie today and let the world see the adorable face that has captured your heart!


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