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Snuggle into our Custom Dog Portrait Hoodie, where warm fabric meets the heartwarming sight of your dog’s embroidered likeness. Tailor-made for those who carry their canine companions in their hearts, this hoodie is your everyday hug from your beloved pet.

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Wrap yourself in the love of your furry best friend with our Custom Dog Portrait Hoodie. This cozy garment isn’t just a layer against the chill; it’s a statement of the special bond you share with your pet, featuring a custom embroidery of their likeness right where your heart is.

Make sure to read everything before ordering especially the sections about how to order and the sizing guide.

Product Features:

  • Superior Comfort: Our hoodie is made from a luxurious blend of cotton and polyester, creating a plush, breathable fabric that’s as comfortable for lounging as it is for everyday wear.
  • Intricate Embroidery: Each hoodie showcases a detailed, embroidered portrait of your dog, crafted from your personal photo by our skilled artisans, making every stitch a celebration of your pet’s unique personality.
  • Made to Order: This is wearable art that’s as unique as your canine companion. Simply provide your dog’s photo, and we’ll tailor-make a hoodie that’s exclusively yours.
  • Versatile and Stylish: The hoodie comes with a convenient kangaroo pocket, an adjustable drawstring hood, and ribbed cuffs for a classic look that suits anyone’s style. It’s the perfect casual piece that speaks volumes about your love for your dog.
  • Durable Design: Quality is our priority. We use colorfast threads that retain their vibrancy wash after wash, ensuring your hoodie’s portrait stays crisp and clear.

Please Note: Because your hoodie is as unique as your pet, we do not offer returns or refunds. Choose a high-resolution, well-lit photo of your dog for the best embroidery outcome.

The Ordering Process:

  1. Photo Selection for Embroidery:
    • Click ‘Upload Image’ above to choose a heart-stealing picture of your dog.
    • A well-illuminated photograph that accents your dog’s charming face will weave the best results.
    • Just one photo is necessary—if you submit a collection, our discerning designers will handpick the most suitable for the embroidery draft.
  2. Adding Your Dog’s Name:
    • For that special touch, enter your dog’s name into the provided text box if you’d like it embroidered.
    • If a minimalist design speaks to you, bypass this option for a focused portrait-only feature.
  3. Approval of Your Hoodie Design:
    • Anticipate a design proof in your email within 3 business days, showcasing our interpretation of your dog’s character in thread form.
    • We’re committed to tweaking the design till it truly reflects your pet’s spirit to your contentment.
    • Confirm your approval, and we unfold the embroidery artistry to bring your design concept to reality.
  4. From Craft to Cuddly Hoodie Delivery:
    • Once you give the green light to the design, we’ll skillfully embroider your hoodie and prepare it for shipment, all within 10 business days of approval.

Care Instructions: To maintain the beauty of your custom hoodie, machine wash cold and tumble dry on low. For the embroidery’s longevity, avoid bleach, and do not iron directly onto the design.

Don your Custom Dog Portrait Hoodie and keep your beloved pooch close to your heart all day long. Whether you’re out for a walk or just chilling at home, this is the ultimate way to celebrate your bond and stay comfy in style. Treat yourself or a fellow dog lover to a hoodie that’s as warm and unique as the waggy-tailed friend it honors!

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